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A Fresh Perspective,
With a Vision for the Future.

Jesse's Plan for Springfield

Jesse is running for Mayor to build an accessible, responsive, professional local government that can meet the needs of all our neighborhoods. 

Springfield MA City Hall.jpg

Improving Access to City Services & Making Local Government More Responsive

  • Upgrade and modernize the 311 Call Center to make sure that when you call City Hall, you get your issue addressed - the first time. 

  • Implement a public facing data driven platform so you can track the city's progress on municipal projects and services.

  • Move more city forms and processes online for easy access and convenience

  • Appoint the dozens of vacant seats on Boards and Commissions through a transparent process to open up the doors to City Hall and bring more voices to the table to solve our city's most pressing challenges. 

Image by Tom Rumble

Creating Housing to Meet the Needs of the City of Homes

  • Fund the Springfield Housing Trust Fund to increase resources to restore aging housing stock and spur development of new housing.

  • Prioritize Code Enforcement to focus on absentee landlords and blight. 

  • Create an Office of Housing Navigation & Tenant Protection. 

Image by CDC

An Education System Built for Our Students, That Values Our Educators

  • Engage parents and teachers in the decision making process for their schools, and grant autonomy for innovation within each individual school building. 

  • Create direct pathways for Springfield Public School students to career and higher education opportunities in the public and private sector, right here in Springfield. 

  • Support pathways to education licensure for paraprofessionals in our school district. 

  • Ensure Springfield Public School employees receive the same family & medical leave benefits afforded to private and state sector employees. 


Building Community Based Public Safety Initiatives 

  • Invest in community based public safety initiatives that target the root causes of crime and violence. 

  • Improve recruitment efforts to ensure our Police force is fully staffed.

  • Restore the full authority of the Springfield Police Commission, and commit to a transparent appointment process for it's members.

  • Expand partnerships to appropriately respond to mental health related emergencies.

  • Work closely with community members and law enforcement to comply with and lift the federal consent decree & achieve national accreditation to ensure best practices in policing and public safety.

jesse rally 1.jpg

Investing in Economic Development Projects that Benefit All Our Neighborhoods

  • Establish a Municipal Bank to partner with existing financial institutions to finance economic development projects in neighborhoods that have historically been left behind, improve infrastructure, and return profits to the city budget.

  • Redistribute funds from casino reserve accounts to support small business development in neighborhood economic centers.

  • Refocus the Department of Economic Development to market Springfield to growing industries nationwide, attracting employers who will pay a living wage and giving our next generation the opportunity to build their own businesses. 

  • Enforce the laws we have put on the books to ensure public construction projects benefit local workers. 


Expanding Access for Seniors & Veterans to Services, Benefits, and Programming

  • Invest in expanded transportation options to support seniors and veterans in accessing existing services including our Senior Centers, as well as daily needs.

  • Improve programming and services offered at local Senior Centers to include digital and financial literacy, home care guidance, housing navigation, and entertainment.

  • Support veterans who are recently discharged through discharge follow up, disability certification, housing voucher application guidance, and compensated work therapy assistance.

Image by Fré Sonneveld

Municipal Fiber Internet Service & Stabilizing Utility Costs

  • Build a municipal fiber internet network to ensure high-speed, affordable internet access for all residents, end the monopoly of big internet companies, and spur economic development.

  • Implement Community Choice Energy Aggregation to prioritize more stable electric rates and support the development of renewable energy.

  • Work with state and federal partners to secure funding to improve water infrastructure and provide relief to rate-payers. 

Image by Vlado Paunovic

Focusing on Neighborhood Quality of Life

  • Expand street sweeping and formalize a true clean city initiative to rid our streets of trash. 

  • Oversee the conversion of our outdated streetlights to more modern and efficient LED lighting technology. 

  • Prioritize pedestrian safety by redesigning our roadways to slow vehicle speeds and ensure safe crossings. 

  • Engage residents directly in the process to determine future spending in their neighborhoods through participatory budgeting.

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