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"I humbly ask for your vote to bring new energy and principled values to the Springfield City Council. As your City Councilor, I will continue to work every day to make Springfield safer, healthier, and more prosperous for all of our families and neighborhoods."

Jesse Lederman, Candidate for City Council At-Large



Jesse supports a new and innovative public safety strategy known as Hub and COR that will aggressively combat the root causes of crime, including poverty and drug addiction, as well as a return to true community policing, with walking and biking patrols, and an improved relationship between the community and the police in all of our neighborhoods. Jesse supported the successful campaign to bring back the Springfield Police Commission, and as our City Councilor will work to ensure that it's future implementation promotes accountability, professionalism, and performance for the community and the police. Jesse knows that investing in the public safety of our city is one investment that Springfield can't afford to not make. Learn more about Jesse's public safety policy here


Jesse believes that Springfield residents deserve the best city services possible, and that Springfield's tax dollars should be spent responsibly. As a Springfield City Councilor, Jesse will work to identify areas of inefficiency and waste where Springfield can save, and better invest those cost-savings back into improving basic city services and neighborhood quality of life, as well as innovative programs around public safety, education, and community support. 


Springfield's air quality has consistently recieved failing grades from the American Lung Association, and Springfield children suffer from one of the highest asthma rates in the state. Jesse wants to change that. Jesse will apply the knowledge and skills he has gained from his professional work in public health and environmental initiatives to work collaboratively with residents, businesses, and regulatory authorities to bring down pollution levels and improve air quality for our children, seniors, and all of our families. 


Jesse believes that every child in every neighborhood should be able to get a world-class, public education in Springfield. As a product of the public schools himself, and a Governing Board Member of the Springfield Renaissance School,  Jesse knows the challenges that teachers, parents, and students face. As our City Councilor, Jesse will work collaboratively with members of the School Committee to give local schools more autonomy over their budgets, programs, and curriculum, and will advocate for more opportunities for parents to be involved in those decisions, because Jesse knows that no one knows more about teaching than teachers, and no one knows more about our students than their own families. 


Jesse believes that residents should be able to reach their City Councilor without barriers. That's why he puts his cell phone number on every piece of literature he hands out, and right here online. As our City Councilor, Jesse has pledged that no constituent phone call will go unanswered. As a City Councilor, Jesse will also keep in close contact with our city's Neighborhood Councils and Civic Associations, as well as hold "town hall" style meetings throughout the city to hear from residents regularly. 


As our City Councilor Jesse will work collaboratively with residents, local government, Neighborhood Councils, Civic Associations, and non-profit organizations to reduce the amount of blighted properties throughout our neighborhoods. We can do this by holding absentee-landlords and banks accountable to the same standards we hold homeowners, and by working to stop foreclosures.

Jesse also supports bringing back the Citi-Stat Program, to better track our progress, increase accountability and transparency, and support revitalization projects in our neighborhoods. 


Jesse knows that no one knows our neighborhoods better than the people that live there. That's why Jesse will work to localize the decision making process when it comes to economic development and government policy, because nothing should be built in our neighborhoods without the full understanding of and input from local residents. Jesse will advocate for strengthening Neighborhood Councils and Civic Associations, to put more control in the hands of neighborhood residents and develop strong community leaders. 


Jesse believes that our local government should be beyond reproach, and that elected officials should be fully accountable to Springfield residents. As our City Councilor, Jesse will advocate for the long-vacant Springfield Ethics Commission to be fully appointed, and will support new legislation to increase transparency in the local permitting process. 

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