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A Proven Record of Delivering Results for Springfield

As a three term At-Large City Councilor, and as City Council President, Jesse has a clear record of delivering results for all of Springfield's neighborhoods.


Jesse is running for Mayor to bring the same principles, ideals, initiatives, and record to the corner office. 


Read on to learn more about Jesse's work and priorities throughout his service to the City of Springfield. 

Public Safety

As our City Councilor, Jesse Lederman has prioritized solution based public safety initiatives to keep our city safe. 

  • Went to court to ensure the legal appointment of the Police Commission to increase transparency, accountability, and community relationships.

  • Spearheaded funding for the Hub & COR Initiative to target the root causes of crime and violence by connecting at-risk individuals with resources.

  • Sought resources to upgrade our emergency dispatch system directly to 911 calls from cell phones when possible in an effort to save time in emergency situations. 

  • Advocated for the Springfield Police Department to pursue state and national independent accreditation to ensure our city follows best practices in public safety.

Public Health & The Environment

Jesse realizes the importance of standing up to protect our public health and our environment in Springfield. 

  • Led the fight to stop construction of a biomass waste incinerator in Springfield to protect the health of our children, seniors, and all residents. 

  • Advocated for the creation of the first Sustainability Coordinator position in Springfield to implement the Springfield Climate Action Plan, reduce pollution, and increase air quality. 

  • Worked together with public health organizations, medical facilities, community members, and law enforcement to confront the opioid epidemic by advocating for greater availability of treatment resources for those struggling with addiction. 

  • Spearheaded the creation of the City Council's Standing Committee on Sustainability & Environment. 

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Combating COVID-19 & Planning for a Strong Recovery

The COVID-19 pandemic impacted every aspect of our lives and community. Councilor Lederman remained focused on fighting to ensure Springfield received our fair share of resources to combat the pandemic and ensure our neighbors were not left behind.

  • Fought to ensure Springfield received local access to testing and vaccines, and relief funds to enable a strong recovery. 

  • Advocated for protections and relief funds for homeowners and renters financially impacted by COVID-19. 

  • Held Virtual Town Halls & Live Q&As giving residents access to up to date information throughout the pandemic. 

  • Chaired the City Council's COVID-19 Response Committee & Committee on Health and Human Services. 


Protecting Your Tax Dollars & Holding Utilities Accountable

Jesse understands the importance of safe guarding our taxpayer dollars and holding public utilities accountable to the rate-payers. 

  • Spearheaded legislation to create a Community Choice Energy Aggregation Program to negotiate more stable electric rates and generate renewable energy in the future.

  • Developing a Working Group on Digital Equity and Internet Access to address internet access, affordability, and service.

  • Passed legislation ensuring municipal contractors properly pay workers and comply with state and federal labor laws to make sure no one cheats workers with our tax dollars.

  • Organized against implementation of internet data caps during the pandemic.

  • Advocated for the repair of hundreds of streetlights and the planned conversion to more durable and efficient LED streetlights to improve lighting and save energy and money. 

  • Fought for the repair of hundreds of gas leaks across Springfield, and drew attention to the cost of lost gas being passed on to customers. 

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Constituent Services & Neighborhood Quality of Life

Councilor Lederman knows that our neighborhoods are the backbone of our city, and assisting residents in maintaining and improving their quality of life is one of his top priorities.

  • Passed legislation creating the Springfield Housing Trust Fund.

  • Spearheaded the creation of a special fund to specifically designate projected new revenue to support neighborhood infrastructure, quality of life, and economic initiatives. 

  • Passed legislation limiting short term hotel style rental companies in residential areas to protect neighborhoods from commercialization and ensure the availability of housing stock for homeowners and renters. 

  • Advocated for the creation of the Online Snow Map to allow residents to track plowing progress after snow storms. 


Making Local Government Work Better

Jesse believes that in order for local government to work, it must be responsive, accessible, and professional. As City Council President, he's worked to introduce innovative initiatives and practices to do that.

  • Implemented the City Council's remote participation policy to allow the public to access Council speak-outs and committee meetings virtually. 

  • Appointed a Working Group on Civic Engagement to provide recommendations on new policies to increase community involvement in local government.  

  • Organized and hosted Town Hall style meetings across Springfield engaging hundreds of residents with elected officials to address neighborhood issues.

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