City Councilor-elect Jesse Lederman Revamps Website to Focus on Community Engagement, Constituent Se

At-Large Springfield City Councilor-elect Jesse Lederman has revamped his website ahead of the Council’s January 1 Swearing In to focus on Community Engagement and Constituent Services.

The website is located at

“This is one of my first steps to ensure that residents can easily engage with their City Councilor, and not just during election season,” said Lederman “I want it to be easy for people to contact me. The website will serve as a resource for residents to keep up with our work on the Council, request constituent services, and share their questions, ideas, and concerns.”

The website features recent news articles, upcoming events, a feed to Lederman’s Facebook page which is updated regularly, helpful links and numbers, and options to both e-mail or call the Councilor directly. Residents can also sign up to receive e-mail updates and announcements.

The website will also be used to announce upcoming Town Hall meetings that Lederman has pledged to host in neighborhoods throughout the city, which will also be live streamed for residents to watch and comment from home. Residents can expect the announcement of that first meeting in the coming weeks.

“I have spent the weeks since the election meeting with community leaders, Elected Officials, and Department Heads, as well as attending Neighborhood Council meetings, community events, and City Council meetings as well as Sub-Committee Meetings” said Lederman “I continue to be honored by the support we received, and am grateful to the voters for the opportunity to serve. I look forward to hitting the ground running on January 1.”

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