Councilor Jesse Lederman Joins in Announcing Funding of Hub & COR Public Safety Initiative

At-Large Springfield City Councilor Jesse Lederman joined Mayor Domenic Sarno, State Representative Angelo Puppolo, State Representative Carlos Gonzalez, and Police Commissioner John Barbieri Wednesday morning to announce expanded funding for the Hub and COR Policing Initiative in Springfield.

Read Councilor Lederman’s statement on Hub and COR below:

“We welcome the announcement of Springfield’s expanded funding for the cutting edge and innovative Hub and COR Initiative that will allow for our police department to continue and expand collaboration with community organizations and human service agencies to target the root causes of crime. We often hear the old saying of ‘tough on crime,’ but we also need to be smart on how we combat crime and violence in our community. This model is an important part of the future of policing, and allows us to identify individuals who are most at risk and assist in getting them connected to the services they need, which are not neccesarily within the criminal justice system. Through this risk-driven model we can prevent crime before it happens by tackling the cycle of poverty, addiction, mental illness, and other afflictions that impact our community and to often have been criminalized rather than treated. Often times those struggles are gone alone, Hub and COR changes that. Having met with officials in the City of Chelsea who have successfully implemented this program, and researched the results of the community in Canada where it was originally implemented, the data shows this will allow us to continue to reduce crime and build up our community. I’m grateful to Representative Puppolo for answering the call for state assistance, and proud to work together with the legislative delegation and Mayor Sarno to make this a reality. This is an example of what can be accomplished when we all work together.”

For more information on the Hub and COR policing model, check out this article from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development on the original program built in Saskatchewan, Canada.

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