Councilor Lederman & Mass Senior Action Praise Door-to-Door Service for Senior Center

At-Large Springfield City Councilor Jesse Lederman, Chairman of the Committee on Health and Human Services, issues the following statement on Pilot Door-to-Door Shuttle Service for Senior Center Attendees:

“I am glad that the administration is making this move to ensure that all of our city’s Senior Citizens no matter their income and location can have the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of the Raymond Jordan Senior Center.

I want to thank the many seniors who have spoken out advocating for such an action for the better part of the last year, including many members of the Massachusetts Senior Action Council. It was their voices that brought this issue to the forefront, and it is a fine example of how residents can truly make a difference by standing up and getting involved in their local government.”

Councilor Lederman, who held several hearings advocating for such a move in his committee which oversees Elder Affairs, adds that local advocates and elected officials must continue to work together to address advancing public transportation availability and affordability in the region to allow all residents the opportunities they deserve to travel in an affordable and convenient manner.

“Transportation is a matter of great importance, both relative to economic development, education, and quality of life for all residents,” said Councilor Lederman.

Mattie Lacewell, a Springfield Resident and President of the Greater Springfield Chapter of the Massachusetts Senior Action Council, said:

"We are thrilled to hear the Mayor's announcement of a pilot transportation program to the New Raymond Jordan Senior Center, offering free door to door service 3 days a week. After months of Springfield seniors speaking out about their challenges of getting to the new center, the pilot program is a great first step to making the center accessible to all of the residents. We look forward to working with the Mayor to ensure the senior center is a place for all Springfield seniors."

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