Councilor Lederman Calls for More Transparency in Plowing Operations

At-Large Springfield City Councilor Jesse Lederman is urging DPW Officials to work towards making the snow map that they utilize to track plowing progress during snow events online to allow the public more up to date information on snow clearing and provide additional accountability for both the department and sub-contractors.

“I am appreciative of the many city employees and contractors who spend many hours working to respond to extreme weather events in our community. We also have to be able to assess our operations and address gaps in service,” said Councilor Lederman, “Placing the snow map online and updating it in real time would allow residents to know the status of their street at the same time as the DPW, and would also allow residents to be able to call into 311 in an informed capacity if their street is marked ‘done’ but in fact has not been cleared satisfactorily.”

“It is an extra layer of accountability and improved communication, ideally I would like to see it on the home page of the city’s website during plowing operations,” said Councilor Lederman.

The map is updated by the DPW throughout plowing operations as contractors and supervisors call in streets as complete.

Lederman made the suggestion during a Maintenance and Development Committee meeting Monday night, and reiterated it in an email to DPW Directors Chris Cignoli, IT Director Andy Doty, and Mayor Domenic Sarno on Tuesday.

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