Councilor Jesse Lederman Seeks Update on Status of Columbia Gas Sale, Proposed Expansion Project

At-Large Springfield City Councilor Jesse Lederman is seeking answers on the status of the proposed sale of Columbia Gas to Eversource, and the proposed “Greater Springfield Reliability Project.”

“Especially now, transparency in government and public utilities is essential,” said Councilor Lederman “Springfield ratepayers are entitled to know the status of these proposals, the financial impact to our rates and bills, and how it will impact our service and environment.”

Councilor Lederman indicates that he has reached out twice by phone and once by e-mail in the last four weeks to the Department of Public Utilities but has received no response from the state agency.

On Monday, Councilor Lederman sent communication to the Chairman of the Public Utilities Commission via e-mail to the department's administration account seeking updates on the status of the two proposals.

Councilor Lederman previously called for a hearing in Springfield to discuss the sale of Columbia Gas to Eversource, and in light of the COVID-19 pandemic is now seeking the Commission’s plan for public feedback and testimony.

“No decision should be made without the right of the public being upheld within the process,” said Councilor Lederman “I will be continuing to reach out and advocate for the rights of the public and ratepayers.”

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