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City Council President Jesse Lederman Announces Candidacy for Mayor of the City of Springfield

City Council President Jesse Lederman today announced that he will be a candidate for Mayor of the City of Springfield in 2023.

Council President Lederman made the announcement through a campaign video posted on social media Tuesday morning. That video can be found on Council President Lederman’s YouTube account here:

“I'm running for Mayor to build an accessible, responsive, and professional local government that can meet the needs of all our neighborhoods,” said City Council President Jesse Lederman.

“I didn’t come from a big political family or a family with a lot of money. I ran for City Council because I saw the difference that could be made in local government. I’m proud of the work we’ve accomplished together since then, and the commitments that I have kept to the voters of Springfield,” said Lederman, “From big victories, like stopping the biomass incinerator that long threatened our public health, holding public utilities accountable for fixing gas leaks, or ending the decade long dispute over the appointment of the Police Commission, all the way to nuts and bolts, neighborhood quality of life initiatives, like putting our snow map online for residents to track plowing, and advocating for the soon to come conversion to LED street lights.”

“To build a city that is ready for the future we must do more. We need a local government that is committed to an economic development vision that bring resources to our neighborhoods and lifts up working families, a local government that is committed to affordable utilities and internet access, a local government that will prioritize housing that meets the needs of our entire community, and an education system built for our students, that values our educators, and provides pathways to success right here in our city for the next generation,” said Lederman. “I believe that with a fresh perspective, building upon our legislative accomplishments on the City Council, bringing our entire community to the table, and channeling our city’s history of innovation and progress, all of this is possible, and more.”

“I look forward to a robust campaign in the months ahead, to continuing to listen to the people of Springfield, and to sharing more of my vision with them. As always, ours will be an on the ground campaign, one that reaches out to every corner of the City of Springfield, and takes no vote for granted,” said Lederman.

“Today, I say to residents all across our city: Let’s write Springfield’s next chapter, together. I humbly ask for the opportunity to earn your vote to be your next Mayor,” said Lederman.

Voters can learn more about Council President Jesse Lederman and how to support his campaign at

The Lederman Campaign will hold a Campaign Kickoff Rally at the Basketball Hall of Fame on Wednesday, March 1 at 6:00 PM. More details on that event will be released shortly.

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