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City Council President looking to start ‘Springfield Green Corp’ (WWLP)

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – A Springfield City Councilor is looking to help make the city cleaner, while also creating leadership opportunities for local youth.

Springfield City Council President Jesse Lederman is calling on the city to create what he calls “The Springfield Green Corp.” The idea is to recruit local youth into summer jobs to help clean up Springfield neighborhoods and parks. In addition to that, they would also conduct sustainability education across the city, and benefit from leadership and educational programming.

"This is a very successful program that they have done in the city of Worcester. I believe it will be well worth the investment of the city of Springfield to really improve our neighborhoods while also giving our youth a great opportunity for the summer." - JESSE LEDERMAN, SPRINGFIELD CITY COUNCIL PRESIDENT

In addition to being paid for their work, Lederman would like the program to create educational opportunities and allow youth to participate in field trips to learn about local industry and career opportunities, meet civic leaders, and receive counseling for their future educational goals.

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