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City of Springfield, Eversource to modernize street lights with LED’s (WWLP)

Springfield City Council President Jesse Lederman issues the following statement on today’s announcement that Springfield will pursue LED Streetlight Conversion:

“I welcome the news that the Sarno Administration is heeding the call that has been made by myself, members of the City Council, and the community to pursue citywide conversion to LED streetlights.

For too long Springfield has been left in the dark by outdated, ineffective, and expensive lighting infrastructure. The conversion to LED technology is essential to improving the reliability and effectiveness of our streetlights, increasing neighborhood quality of life, and reducing energy usage.

The City Council first urged this transition formally in 2018 when I introduced a successful resolution calling for an audit of lighting citywide. We’ve followed that advocacy up consistently with community and sub-committee meetings held in the intervening years urging the administration to more aggressively pursue this conversion.

Furthermore, community organizations like the WayFinders Resident Health Advocates have been pivotal in raising this issue as a neighborhood quality of life concern.

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