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City officials continue efforts for more affordable electricity rates in Springfield (WWLP)

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Springfield city officials are continuing their efforts to lessen the burden of high energy bills on residents.

Officials told 22News they are now moving forward with a “community choice energy aggregation plan.” The plan will allow the city to negotiate an electricity rate that will be more affordable than what is currently being provided.

Springfield City Council President Jesse Lederman said it will also include more renewable energy as well as long term contracts to provide stability to rate-payers.

“What this ultimately does is give Springfield residents and businesses more choices when it comes to where they are going to contract from,” Lederman explained. “Any resident or business can opt out in the city of Springfield and return to the Eversource rate at any time and likewise they can opt back in later.”

Lederman says residents can learn more about this new energy initiative through the organization “Live Well Springfield.”

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