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Council President Lederman Appoints Working Groups

Springfield City Council President Jesse Lederman has appointed four public Working Groups to bring forward policy recommendations around key areas of growth for Springfield’s future.

Lederman announced his intention to develop the Working Groups on Neighborhood Quality of Life, Labor & Workforce Development, Digital Equity & Internet Access, and Creative Economy & Tourism during his swearing-in speech in January. He made the appointments at a Press Conference in the Springfield City Council Chambers on Wednesday following a public call for applications.

“I believe that local government must go further and do more to address core quality of life issues in our neighborhoods, stand up for working families, stimulate our local economy and ensure that all our residents and businesses have access to high-speed, affordable internet,” said City Council President Jesse Lederman, “Bringing the voices and experiences of local residents and experts to the table around these key issues will strengthen our work and ensure we are moving forward innovative policy for the future of our community.”

Following the model first established by the Working Group on Civic Engagement, appointed by Council President Lederman in 2022, the new Working Groups will meet throughout the year to solicit input and develop policy and operational recommendations to the City Council related to their focus areas. The Working Groups will deliver their final recommendations before the end of the year.

“We once again saw a robust response from the community of qualified applicants willing to volunteer their time, talent and experience in service to the City of Springfield,” said Council President Lederman, “It’s all about being proactive and making local government work better.”

A City Councilor will lead each Working Group. Ward 8 Councilor Zaida Govan will lead the Working Group on Neighborhood Quality of Life. Ward 2 City Councilor Michael Fenton will lead the Working Group on Digital Equity & Internet Access. Ward 3 City Councilor Melvin Edwards will lead the Working Group on Labor & Workforce Development. At-Large City Councilor Sean Curran will lead the Working Group on Creative Economy & Tourism. The Working Group Chairs participated in Wednesday’s announcement.

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