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Councilor Lederman Issues Statement on Court Ruling in Favor of Police Commission Ordinance

At-Large Springfield City Councilor Jesse Lederman issues the following statement regarding Superior Court Ruling that the ordinance passed by the Springfield City Council establishing a Board of Police Commissioners is valid:

“Today’s ruling makes clear that the Springfield City Council has been acting within our authority in the effort to restore a Board of Police Commissioners in the City of Springfield.

This is an important ruling not only regarding future governance of the Springfield Police Department, but also with regard to the separation of powers and the necessary checks and balances within local government.

The establishment of a Board of Police Commissioners is not about any one person – it is about creating a fair and transparent system of accountability, professionalism, and checks and balances that the public and members of the department can trust and rely on.

I hope that we can turn the collective efforts of our municipal government and community towards a responsible implementation and the future.“

Councilor Lederman thanked Attorneys Thomas Lesser and Michael Aleo who represented the City Council, and points out that the lawyers retained by the City Council to seek court action on this matter volunteered their services at no cost to the tax-payer.

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