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Councilor Lederman Praises Public Roll-Out of Springfield DPW Snow Map

Springfield residents can now track the status of the city’s plowing operations online via the DPW Snow Map.

The map can be accessed at

The map is not a real-time representation of plows, but is based upon information received by the Operations Center from crews on the ground throughout the storm. It is the same map utilized by the Operations Center and can let residents know if their street has been marked complete by the city or if plows are still working in their area.

The map is being made available online to the public for the first time following a proposal by Councilor Lederman last year as part of a series of meetings by the City Council focused on ways to improve communication and effectiveness during plowing operations.

“The public availability of the snow map allows residents more information on demand regarding the status of plowing in their neighborhoods, and it also allows the opportunity for residents to reach out to the city if a street is marked complete but is in need of more attention,” said Councilor Lederman, “We are thankful to all our DPW employees and contracted plow drivers for their efforts, especially this year during the pandemic.”

The map page also includes information on the parking ban, links to the DPW Website and Facebook page, and messages from the DPW Regarding plowing operations.

Councilor Lederman thanks DPW Director Cignoli and the IT Department for their efforts preparing the map for access to the public.

Residents should contact the 311 Service Center with concerns during snow events.

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