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Councilor Lederman to Serve as Vice President of the City Council in 2022

The Springfield City Council held an informal caucus tonight, Monday, December 20th to select the City Council President and Vice President for the 2022 legislative year. The caucus was held virtually via ZOOM and broadcast via FocusSpringfield.

Councilors voted to re-elect Ward 5 City Councilor Marcus Williams as President. Councilor Williams was first elected President at the beginning of the 2021 legislative year. President Williams is entering his fourth term as a member of the City Council, first elected in 2015. Before serving as Council President he had served as Chairman of the Maintenance and Development Committee and the Committee on Elder Affairs.

"I am deeply honored to have the unanimous support of the City Council to remain President for the 2022 legislative year. In the midst of a global pandemic, this body has shown up for the people of Springfield and worked diligently to increase the quality of life for those we serve. I am grateful to continue leading that charge as we recover from COVID-19 and all look forward to working hand-in-hand with my colleagues to conduct the business of this city,” said City Council President Marcus Williams.

Councilors also voted to elect At-Large City Councilor Jesse Lederman as Vice President. Councilor Lederman is entering his third term as a City Councilor, first elected in 2017. He has served as Chairman of the Health and Human Services Committee, the Sustainability and Environment Committee, and the COVID-19 Response Committee.

“I am thankful to my colleagues for their support and to the people of Springfield for the opportunity to continue serving,” said Vice President-elect Jesse Lederman, “I believe strongly in the City Council’s role as the closest elected body to the people and the responsibility we have to work together in support of our entire community. I look forward to working closely with President Williams and all our colleagues to ensure a strong and productive legislative session in 2022.”

The City Council will be formally sworn in for the 2022 session on January 3, 2022 where the President and Vice President will be formally elected.

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