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Lederman, Edwards will continue as Springfield City Council leaders (The Reminder)

Read the original Reminder article from Matt Conway here.

City Council President Jesse Lederman and City Council Vice President Melvin Edwards will remain in their council leadership positions in 2023. Lederman announced that both he and Edwards have secured commitments from their colleagues prior to the council’s informal voting caucus on Dec. 19.

Lederman and Edwards did not start 2022 in their leadership positions. Lederman was voted City Council vice president at the beginning of 2022, but later became the City Council president when former Ward 5 City Councilor Marcus Williams resigned from the City Council in May. Lederman received unanimous support from the council to take over as its new president soon after, later gaining the support of Williams’ Ward 5 replacement, Lavar Click-Bruce, when he was voted to office in September.

Lederman is a three term at-large councilor. So far as the council’s president, Lederman has worked to strengthen the City Council and local government. He spearheaded legislation aimed at creating a transparent process for residents to apply for vacancies on local boards and commissions, along with the creation of the community-led Working Group on Civic Engagement. The working group is meeting regularly to provide recommendations on how to make local government more accessible.

After Lederman’s mid-year transition, Edwards was voted unanimously by the council as their new vice president in June. Edwards is one of the council’s longest-tenured members, serving in his Ward 3 council seat since 2009.

Along with being re-elected five times, Edwards serves as Chairman of the Economic Development Committee and of the Responsible Employer Ordinance Committee.

Lederman and Edwards reflected on their colleague’s support via a Dec. 6 press release.

“I remain thankful to my colleagues for their support during the transition earlier this year and as we prepare for the 2023 legislative session. I believe strongly in the City Council as the closest elected body to the people, and I’ve seen firsthand the positive impact we can have when we come together in good faith to take on the issues that face our community, bringing with us each of our own diverse backgrounds, experiences and perspectives,” said Lederman.

Edwards said, “It is an honor to serve the residents of Springfield and my colleagues on the City Council as vice president … Working together with Council President Lederman, we hope to continue administering the business of the City Council to provide maximum benefit to the residents and business community of the City of Springfield.”

Looking forward to 2023, Lederman envisions continued growth for the City Council.

“I remain committed to continuing to strengthen local government to deliver results for every neighborhood in our city through professionalism, collaboration and innovation,” Lederman said.

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