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Mass Sierra Club, Environmental League of Mass Endorse Councilor Lederman

Two statewide environmental organizations have announced their support for Springfield City Councilor Jesse Lederman in his bid for a third term.

The Massachusetts Sierra Club and the Environmental League of Massachusetts Action Fund have endorsed Lederman for re-election.

“Together we’ve worked to put an end to polluters being rubber stamped in Springfield, “ said Springfield City Councilor At-Large Jesse Lederman “For generations Springfield residents have been subject to disproportionate levels of pollution and suffered the health consequences of policies that failed to protect our community: not on our watch.”

As City Councilor At-Large Jesse Lederman introduced a rules change to create the first ever Standing Committee on Sustainability and Environment to center environmental justice issues in the legislative agenda of the City Council.

“Councilor Lederman has a strong track record when it comes to energy and environmental policy,” said Clare Kelly, Executive Director of the ELM Action Fund, “Springfield needs strong leaders dedicated to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improve air quality and public health.”

Working with colleagues and residents he fought to halt the construction of a proposed biomass waste incinerator in the center of Springfield and to advance legislation and policies to improve air quality and protect public health including hiring a Sustainability Coordinator, passing the Springfield Plastic Bag Reduction Ordinance and advancing the Springfield Climate Action and Resilience Plan which led to a 30% reduction in municipal energy use through facilities upgrades, $3.5 million in fuel savings to the tax-payers and 13 million pounds of carbon removed from the atmosphere.

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