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MassDEP rescinds approval for Biomass plant in Springfield (WWLP)

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – A proposal to build a biomass plant in Springfield has been stopped by the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection.

According to the state, the project’s permit was revoked because of a lag in construction activities and public health and environmental concerns.

The plant would have been used to burn wood to create electricity on Page Boulevard. The project has been stalled for years over legal battles with the Springfield City Council even retaining legal counsel to challenge the project’s building permit, originally issued in 2011.

Councilor Jesse Lederman told 22News have been advocating against the project due to the health and environmental risks associated with biomass plants.

“Very serious concerns have been raised about air quality in the city of Springfield,” Lederman said. “About the impact of an incinerator like this on that air quality, and on the public health of the people of the city of Springfield. So DEP has made the right decision by revoking this permit.”

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