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Springfield considering new, affordable fiber network for residents (WWLP)

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Springfield is one of the latest cities to consider a Municipal Fiber-to-the-Home Network.

Municipal Fiber would allow all residents to have reliable and affordable internet that’s provided by the city of Springfield. Right now, the city is considering plans for a feasibility study. This study would gauge public interest, review the initial cost of the fiber network infrastructure as well as maintenance costs, and then cost for residents.

A number of other municipalities are doing similar studies like West Springfield and Holyoke. Westfield already has municipal fiber. Springfield city officials say this study is happening now because the pandemic made the internet an essential utility.

City Councilor Jesse Lederman told 22News, “We need to see the internet move into a space where it is publicly regulated so we do not see the type of increase in prices of data caps that have been considered in the past that we have fought against.”

The city is also anticipating a federal infrastructure bill that could assist in funding the initial costs of the project. So again, nothing is finalized, this study is just the first step to potentially bringing municipal fiber to the city.

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